Dragon Pendant with Lucky Coin Necklace


This Stambolian necklace was originally designed for the “Year of The Dragon”, Harry Stambolians zodiac sign. The Dragon on the ring is a great example of Perfection put into each Stambolian piece. In chinese mythology, a dragon should have a Snakes body, Claws of an Eagle, pig nose, rabbits eyes, head of a camel, scales of the carp, deer horns, bull ears, tiger paws, a clams stomach, and used to symbolize power. This ring is made of Aged Silver with 18k Gold and Diamonds. Each angle has its own unique design, as one side has the door-nob from the Temple of the Dragon, on the other, a Chinese inscription that states; “The One Who Hunts For Precious Jewels”. Shedding light on those who search for innovation, exploration, and true wisdom. The interior gallery is carved Stambolian on a Chinese Dragon Symbol.